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What’s the Best Tennis Racket Brand?

Having the right racket can mean the difference between becoming a very good tennis player or becoming frustrated and quitting the sport altogether. Despite the importance of having the right racket, many people out there are still clueless on what constitutes a good racket. When selecting a racket, the most important factors to consider are:

1.Its length – this depends on one’s height and level
2.Head size- the best racket should be between 95-105 sq. inch
3.Weight- for beginners it should be about 9 oz and professionals about 11 oz
4.Grip- should be based on the hand size

For many years now, Wilson has been the best tennis racket brand in the market. Based in Chicago, Wilson has been the market leader in everything tennis, from the sportswear to the tennis balls but their rackets are their most popular products. They are the rackets of choice for many professional tennis players including Victoria Azarenka and the eight time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer.

Wilson produces a range of rackets for every player’s needs, from the advanced rackets for the professionals to the more basic ones for the beginners.

For the beginners, the Wilson Ultra 108 and the Hope Lite are the best options. They are relatively light at 10oz for an easy swing and have a large head size allowing one to be able to hit the ball even with little experience.
The Wilson Burn 10s is the perfect choice for intermediate players as it has a longer handle which is great for learning the backhand. Its acceleration, especially during a serve, is great as is its feel from the baseline.
The professional tennis players are catered to by the Wilson Blade 98 Countervail. It is among the best rackets in the market especially when making a slice and provides a low vibration feel. The Wilson Pro Staff RF97, which is Federer’s choice racket is another great choice for the professionals.

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